Tamil Nadu film 'Sivaji: The Boss' nearing release

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The much awaited film of Tamil Nadu is nearing release. After several postponements from April 12 to May 8 then to May 17 and finally postponed to the release date of May 26. The last three dates are all add up to the magic number of Shankar's, 8. This release date was confirmed by Ayngaran International (the international distributor) and AVM (the producer). The reason for the latest postponing of the film was due to the background score of the film being incomplete, A. R. Rahman (music director) is currently working on this.

This will be Rajinikanth's 100th Tamil language film. The film has big names Shankar (director of the 8 Filmfare Award winning Anniyan), AVM (the largest producer of films in Tamil Nadu), A. R. Rahman (word recognized due to his work in the Bombay Dreams musical) and the "Superstar" of Tamil cinema Rajinikanth.

Pyramid is expecting over Rs. 120 million in the Nizam area of Andra Pradesh from the films ticket sales. So far it has been estimated that over Rs. 1 billion has been invested in the film.


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