Teenager arrested for stabbing twin brothers

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two 11-year-old twin brothers were found stabbed in their home in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Their older brother is being charged with the stabbings, one of which was fatal.

Grandfather Lovett Williams said Tyrel was found upon his dead brother, Tyron. "Blood [was] everywhere," Williams said. Williams went looking for the boys because they did not show up to meet with him after the school day. Williams recalled the horrifying dialogue, "I called them and called them and called them, and finally Tyrel goes, 'Pappy, we're up here, we're in the attic'...He says, 'Pappy, I'm dying.' He says, 'I'm dying, and my stomach hurts, and my chest hurts."

While Tyron was pronounced dead at the scene, Tyrel underwent hours of surgery at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh and is expected to survive.

Williams allegedly told police that Tyrel said his 18-year-old brother, Troy Lavalle Hill, was their killer. Troy Hill was babysitting the children.

The boys have a 3-year-old sister who was not home at the time of the stabbing.

Search parties worked throughout the night on Tuesday looking for Hill but he did not turn up until a neighbor spotted the suspect on Loretta Drive in Penn Hills.

Troy Lavalle Hill reportedly has a history of emotional problems.

Neighbors say they will miss Tyron. "They were great athletes, straight-A students, just good, little boys...It's tough," said neighbor Don Taylor. Another neighbor added, "Wonderful neighbors, just the sweetest kids I've ever known." Grief counselors were on duty at the childrens' middle school, Linton Middle School.

There is no word on a motive in the case.

Grandfather Williams said, "I don't know how I'm going to make it...I moved here so I could be with my grandsons. I hope I can survive. As long as [Tyrel] makes it, I might make it, too."