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This template can be used to extract documentation on a template in an assistant either from the template documentation page to the central documentation page of the assistant, or vice versa.

When transcluded on central documentation page Wikinews:Assistant/name/doc, with unnamed parameter page, this template extracts the contents of section Usage of template documentation page Template:Assistant/name/page/doc. If optional named parameter project is non-blank, the documentation section is sought in project space Wikinews: rather than in template space. If optional named parameter assistant is non-blank, that assistant name is used for the extraction instead of deducing the assistant name from the transcluding page name.

When transcluded on a template Template:Assistant/name/page, this template provides a message identifying the assistant, extracts the content of section page of central assistant documentation page Wikinews:Assistant/name/doc, and puts the template in Category:Interactive assistants subpages.

Either way, the extracted content should be written to behave correctly when transcluded; suitable section links may be generated via {{assistant/doc seclink}}.

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