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action=do&label=inform&verb:button-local-field-verb&page:button-local-field-page&subject:button-local-field-subject&context-delta:button-local-field-context-delta&context-requests&cols=&rows=&viewxcols=&rows=&Wikinews:Assistant:ContextxWikinews:Assistant:Contextcols=&rows=&Template:Assistant:ContextxTemplate:Assistant:Contextcols=&rows=&( ( true ) ( false ) )x

[edit] Template documentation


This is part of the Context assistant.

Call this template on a page to produce a button that feeds information to templates on that page via the Context assistant (of which this template is a part). The information provided is cumulative; such a button may add a specified template to the list of templates to be informed, and may add some data to the list of information to be provided to templates upon their request.


  • template — optional — an additional template to be informed.
  • label — optional — the label on the button; if omitted, the label is inform {{{template|}}}.
  • unnamed parameters — optional — names of dialog parameters to be made available to any informed templates that request them (by passing them through the button and adding them to the whitelist). As of this writing, up to twenty six parameters may be specified (four fewer than supported by {{dialog/view}}).
  • page — optional — name of the page to be viewed; defaults to current page.
  • transform — optional — name of a template to transform the page content before viewing, replacing any transform already in place; explicit blank means no transform.

Additional templates to be informed may be specified via optional parameters template2, template3, template4.



action=do&label=test&verb:button-local-field-verb&page:button-local-field-page&subject:button-local-field-subject&context-delta:button-local-field-context-delta&context-requests&cols=&rows=&viewxcols=&rows=&Wikinews:Assistant:ContextxWikinews:Assistant:Contextcols=&rows=&Wikinews:Assistant:Context/testxWikinews:Assistant:Context/testcols=&rows=&( ( true ) ( false ) )x



The max number of informing parameters provided by this template is bounded by the capacity of {{dialog/view}}; as of this writing, {{dialog/view}} supports up to thirty dialog parameters, and this template uses up to four administrative dialog parameters, described at Wikinews:Assistant:Context/doc#Wikinews:Assistant:Context. This template delegates construction of outgoing dialog parameter context-delta to subtemplate {{Assistant:Context/delta}}; re the number of templates-to-be-informed supported, see the subtemplate documentation.

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