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This is part of the Context assistant.

This subtemplate of {{Assistant:Context}} constructs dialog parameter context-delta for the parent template, using parameters passed to the parent.


code output


( ( true "foo" "bar" ) ( false ) )


( ( true ) ( false ) ( "Assistant:Context/test/-" ) )


( ( true "foo" ) ( false ) ( "Assistant:Context/test/a" "x" "z" ) )


( ( true "foo" ) ( false ) ( "Assistant:Context/test/a" "x" "z" ) ( "Assistant:Context/test/b" "y" "z" ) )


( ( true "foo" ) ( false ) ( "Assistant:Context/test/b" "y" "z" ) )



At this writing, this subtemplate supports specifying up to four additional-templates-to-be-informed. The number four has no special significance; it's a smallish number greater than one. Considering plausible applications, one was deemed not enough. The templates-to-be-informed can't be specified in a single-parameter unbounded list because Module:TScope is pointedly designed to disallow unbounded branching of template calls based on the output of calculation; and a large number of templates-to-be-informed would therefore involve bulkily repetitious wiki markup. Hopefully, four is neither uncomfortable small nor clumsily large.

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