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[edit] Template documentation


This is part of the Context assistant.

This auxiliary template for Wikinews:Assistant:Context constructs the content to be previewed. Parameters:

  • first unnamed — required — the context-requests list to be applied.
  • second unnamed — required — the content to be previewed.


code output

|1=((true "a" "b" "c") (false "j" "a") ("foo" "w" "a" "b"))
|2=bar {{foo|}} quux{{foo}}b{{nowrap|a{{foo|fnord}}b}}az}}

bar {{foo|b={{{b|}}}|}} quux{{foo|b={{{b|}}}}}b{{nowrap|a{{foo|b={{{b|}}}|fnord}}b}}az



If a template call to a requesting template occurs within a call to another requesting template, only the outermost of those calls is provided with requested parameters.

Parameters when provided are placed before explicit parameters, so that explicit parameters override those provided.

This is where the whitelist and blacklist are applied; elsewhere the whitelist, blacklist, and requests are propagated uncritically. Any changes to the whitelist or blacklist therefore have the potential to alter the effect of pre-existing requests, in keeping with the conceptually global nature of whitelists and blacklists.

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