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The FOOBAR Party has won the COUNTRY general/parliamentary/legislative elections. FOOBAR won 51 seats, giving the party a majority of 2 in the COUNTRYLEGISLATURE. The FOOBAR leader, PERSONNAME1, has become the President/Prime Minister of the country. The outgoing President/Prime Minister (or leader of the OPPOSITIONPARTY), PERSONNAME2, congratulated PERSONNAME1 on their victory.

FOOBAR attracted voters with a manifesto promising ELECTORALPROMISE1, ELECTORALPROMISE2, and ELECTORALPROMISE3.

The COUNTRYLEGISLATURE includes NUMBEROFSEATS seats, each with a Senator/Representative/Delegate/Member of Parliament. For a party to fully control the COUNTRYLEGISLATURE, it needs an outright majority of MAJORITYNUMBER seats. The new session of COUNTRYLEGISLATURE will begin on SESSIONDATE.




Official Party name % vote Electoral districts won Total seats
Foo Bar Party - FBP 51 51 51
Opposition Party - OP 48 48 48
Minor party 1 1 1



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