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The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has upgraded Tropical Depression NUMBER to tropical storm status. The storm, now officially Tropical Storm NAME, is the NUMBERth named storm of the YEAR BASIN hurricane season.

The storm currently has maximum sustained winds of NUMBER miles per hour (mph). NAME is located NUMBER miles DIRECTION of PLACE, and is currently tracking DIRECTION at NUMBER miles per hour.

The storm is expected to PREDICTION as it ACTION the PLACE, then PREDICTION again when EVENT. Current projections show that by TIME DAY, DATE it may STRENGTH before DESTINATION.

Tropical depressions and tropical storms are both forms of tropical cyclones. On the Saffir–Simpson scale used by the NHC for classifying tropical cyclones, at tropical storm must sustain winds of 39 mph. The cut-off for a Category 1 hurricane, the next stronger classification, is 74 miles per hour.

All individuals who may be impacted by this storm are urged to track its progress as it develops over the next few days.




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