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[edit] Template documentation


This template attempts to generate a wikilink target for an archive of the FAC discussion for the current page. The result is blank on failure; on success, it has the form Wikinews:Featured article candidates/<suffix>.

The first unnamed parameter optionally identifies the archive suffix.

  • If the parameter is an integer, the wikilink target is a section of the archive page, naming the article.
  • If the parameter is not an integer, the wikilink target is just as specified, with no section unless explicitly included in the parameter.
  • If the parameter is blank or omitted, and there is an archive page whose suffix is the name of the article, the link is to that archive page.
  • Otherwise the result is blank.

A second optional unnamed parameter specifies an article name to use instead of {{PAGENAME}}.

Although this is categorized as a subtemplate of {{FAC}}, it is meant to be available for general use and as of this writing is also used by {{FA}}.


Suppose the template is called from Talk:Man bites dog (which can be simulated using {{Template:FAC/archive|2=Talk:Man bites dog}}).

parameter result notes
fails because there is no page Wikinews:Featured article candidates/archive/Man bites dog
9 Wikinews:Featured article candidates/archive/9#Man_bites_dog
Autumn 2016 Wikinews:Featured article candidates/archive/Autumn 2016
Autumn 2016#October Wikinews:Featured article candidates/archive/Autumn 2016#October

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