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[edit] Template documentation



This is primarily a subtemplate of {{interview}}, though also designed to be usable as a standalone template. Call it on an interview article page, providing as sole, unnamed argument a list of media through which the interview was conducted. The list may be separated, or delimited, in any convenient manner (separation by whitespace is recommended as a simple choice). The article is categorized in one or more subcategories of Category:Interview according to the medium (or media) used to conduct the interview.



A standard set of possible media are recognized, by simply checking for them as substrings of the provided parameter, which is why it doesn't matter what separators are used (nor does it matter what other unrecognized text occurs in the parameter). If the parameter is missing or blank, the page is placed in Category:Interview/unclassified.

This subtemplate itself only specifies the standard set of possible media, which at this writing are video, audio, phone, email, irc, text in-person; and some standard aliases for these, via {{interview/media/alias}}, which also have the effect of causing email and irc to each imply text. (There's also an alias e-mail for email.) All other processing is delegated to subtemplate {{interview/media/map}}, which, besides being convenient for data entry by making it easy to maintain the standard list here, is also algorithmically convenient as it allows the subtemplate to use Module:TScope#map.

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