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Thank you for your interest in Wikinews. Wikinews is a collaboratively produced news source and the selection of topics it covers depends considerably on the interests of its many volunteer contributors. If you would like to see articles on other subjects that you think are important to cover, you are welcome to make a start by contributing such articles.

As for the present article, if you believe it is not newsworthy, do let us know why you think so on this talk page - also take a look at Wikinews:What Wikinews is and Wikinews:Content guide, which determine whether the article's content is appropriate for Wikinews. Do keep your comments civil and remember that those who have worked on the article believe it is important enough to expend their time and energy on it.

Note that reporting on events that are interesting, but that do not have tangible significance has long been a feature of news reporting. Wikinews too does its share of such articles. Furthermore, all recently published articles are listed on the main page, not just the most "significant" ones ( it is not a newspaper "front page"). Sometimes interesting articles are also listed as a Featured article among the top three leads.