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Revision {{{revid}}} of this article has been reviewed by [[User:{{{reviewer}}}|{{{reviewer}}}]] ([[User talk:{{{reviewer}}}|talk]] · [[Special:Contributions/{{{reviewer}}}|contribs]]) and found not ready at {{{time}}}.

Comments by reviewer: None added.

Questions about the above? Ask.

If possible, please address the above issues then resubmit the article for another review (by replacing {{tasks}} in the article with {{review}}). This talk page will be updated with subsequent reviews.

[edit] Template documentation

Pages transcluding this template are added to hidden Category:Peer reviewed/Not ready and, if it exists and the current page is in a talk space, [[Category:Peer reviewed/Not ready/reviewer]] for the reviewer specified by template parameter.

If no comments are given, this template categorizes the page in Category:Pages with not-ready reviews lacking general comments.

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