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  1. Gunman attacks Planned Parenthood clinic, killing three, before surrendering  (11 hits last hour)
  2. UK Prime Minister David Cameron calls for British air strikes against IS in Syria  (5 hits last hour)
  3. Quiznos restaurant chain airs controversial commercial  (5 hits last hour)
  4. Ohio man arrested for cutting grass in public park  (5 hits last hour)
  5. Navigator of downed Russian jet found alive in Syria  (5 hits last hour)
  6. At least 52, including six Shia Muslim activists, to be executed in Saudi Arabia  (5 hits last hour)
  7. University of Utah study finds suicide may be linked to air pollution  (4 hits last hour)
  8. Tiger that escaped enclosure at San Francisco Zoo may have 'climbed' over wall  (4 hits last hour)
  9. Scottish Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey 'critically ill' says Royal Free Hospital  (4 hits last hour)
  10. Haitian cholera victims threaten United Nations with lawsuit  (4 hits last hour)
  11. Blues musician B.B. King dies aged 89  (4 hits last hour)
  12. Wikinews interviews Chinese-American martial artist Alfred Hsing  (3 hits last hour)
  13. Researchers identify protein responsible for malaria transmission  (3 hits last hour)

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