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Most popular articles in the past hour

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  1. Qatari proxy IP address temporarily blocked on Wikipedia  (10 hits last hour)
  2. Volkswagen engulfed by diesel emissions scandal  (7 hits last hour)
  3. Haitian cholera victims threaten United Nations with lawsuit  (6 hits last hour)
  4. After Mars, NASA announces water ice on Pluto  (6 hits last hour)
  5. Wikinews visits haunted attraction 'Doc Wilkes House of Horrors'  (5 hits last hour)
  6. Shooting kills one near Texas Southern University housing complex  (5 hits last hour)
  7. Three scientists share 2015 Chemistry Nobel Prize for DNA repair research  (4 hits last hour)
  8. Los Angeles commuter train collides with freight train; over two dozen killed  (4 hits last hour)
  9. Civilian deaths as U.S. bombs hospital in Afghanistan  (4 hits last hour)
  10. Bernie Sanders embraces Black Lives Matter movement  (4 hits last hour)
  11. Zambian President Edgar Lungu to undergo treatment abroad after collapse  (3 hits last hour)
  12. Wikinews interviews painter Pricasso on his art and freedom of expression  (3 hits last hour)

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