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For examples of this template, see [1] (look at page source as well). This is a fork of BrianMc's portal, with a different table style, and included the leads inline instead of in sub-pages. Interested readers are recommended to look at brianmc's {{newPortal}}.


  • Figure out what to do for stuff like the tables on portal:Sports
  • ticker ? (do we even want it? does anyone actually like the ticker)



Note, not all of these options are needed or either recommended. Most have sane defaults. Look at [2] for example calls to this template.

  • 1= portal name (Default to pagename)
    • Note, it is important to put the 1= when using this parameter. calling as unamed first may have whitespace problems.
  • wikipedia, wikibooks, commons = overide dest of interwikis.
  • lastedit= {{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}
  • headerImg an image for header. perhaps one of those cute wikinews country logos, or a flag
  • headerImgSize
  • leads:
    • lead1= Page for lead1
    • lead1img= image name for lead 1 (default image:Wikinews.png)
    • lead1imgWidth= image width. defaults to something sane (100x100px ?)
    • lead1shortTitle = short title (optional, unrecomended)
    • lead1summary = summary.
    • lead1type default none
  • repeat for lead2, lead3
  • floaters = random floats, like image or wikipedia box or flag or location map. only displayed if no lead
  • topics - list of subtopics (aka the continent list)
  • type - none, topic, region (mostly for intersection boxes, which require at least 46 articles in cat)
  • banner - override default header
  • boxes - override geo boxes. could be used for custom tables like stock prices on the econ and bussiness portal

An example for africa might be:

{{portals suck
|lead1=Airport named after late Nigerian President Umaru Yar’Adua
|lead1summary=Nigeria has announced that an airport has been named after late president Umaru Yar’Adua. The announcement to re-name Katsina Airport was made by President Goodluck Jonathan.
|lead1img=Umaru Yar'Adua VOA.jpg
|lead2=Nigerian ex-governor James Ibori arrested in Dubai
|lead2summary=James Ibori, a former Nigerian governor, has been arrested in Dubai on corruption charges. Ibori was the governor of Delta State from 1999 until 2007.
|floaters=[[File:Africa terrain.jpg|200px|right]]

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