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Have your say! Visit the Canadian federal election forum (3 edits) or the politics forum.

Notes on the template:

Experimental talk refers to the fact that Wikinews readers can now discuss certain news items directly on the Wikinews website.

Experimental talk has many advantages. It encourages people to make their first Wiki edits, even if they don't yet know how. This gains us more new writers and editors. It encourages people to return to the Wikinews website more often.

Experimental talk also has disadvantages. It increases the strain on the Wikinews web server. We don't know how comments will be moderated. Some users want comments to go directly at the bottom of article pages for maximum visibility, but this would mean that the comment sections of the parts of pages would not conform to Wikinews's NPOV policy.

Discuss the experimental talk system at Template talk:Xt.