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The Generic Infobox is a useful tool for organizing information about an article in a vertical format on the right side of the screen.

Variables used[edit]

Color set[edit]

The box has defineable colors for the info box border color, title background, and section backgrounds, but please don't change them so we can have a consistent look and feel.

Info box title[edit]

The title which will be at the top of the info box.

  • infotitle=

Related news[edit]

A list of links to related articles on Wikinews, in the format:

  • related news=* [[Article title]]
* [[Article title]]

-this would be a good place to use a DPL Dan100 (Talk) 08:14, 9 Jun 2005 (UTC)


A list of links to background information or sources, such as:

  • background=* {{source}}

* [http://url link text]
* [[Wikipedia background link]]

The Extra Block[edit]

The extra block might be anything, a graphic or additional sources, extra text, whatever works. The title and the content are both variables.

  • extra block name=
  • extra block=

See also[edit]

See also should be links outside wikinews, such as to wikipedia, original source material, or links to sites related to the topic.

  • see also=


The following is a filled info box which carries a lot of data, first the source to build it and then the actual example (separated by a break to avoid over lapping long lines):

{{Generic Infobox|
bg color=#EEEEEE|
border color=#666666|
title bg color=#DDDDFF|
section bg color=#DDDDDD|
infotitle=[[Chili Finger Incident]]|
related news=*[[Woman finds human finger in bowl of chili at Wendy's restaurant]]
*[[Chili finger may have been raw]]
*[[Wendy's sales down in Northern California]]
*[[Owner of Wendy's chili finger still not found]]
*[[Police search home of Las Vegas woman who found finger in her chili at Wendy's]]
*[[Las Vegas 'chili finger' woman has history of lawsuits]]
*[[Police investigate new lead in 'Chili Finger' case; Ayala abandons lawsuit]]
*[[Wendy's doubles reward for 'chili finger' info to US$100,000]]
*[[Las Vegas 'chili finger' woman arrested]]
*[[Woman arrested in Wendy's chili finger case and larcenous mobile home sale]]
*[[Chili finger suspect arrives in San Jose, California for trial]]|
background=* [[w:Wendy's|Profile: Wendy's]]
* [[w:Anna Ayala|Profile: Anna Ayala]]
* [[Wendy's|Wikinews: Wendy's]]|
extra block name=Site|
extra block=[[Image:Wendys1405Monterey1.JPG|196px|The Wendy's outlet where the finger was discovered]]
The Wendy's outlet where the finger was discovered|
see also=* [http://www.wendys.com/w-1-0.shtml Welcome to Wendy's] - ''Wendy's corporate web page''
* [http://www.wendys.com/w-search-stores.shtml Wendy's Store Locator] - ''Enter San Jose, CA with a zip code of 95110 for store directions''}}
Related news

The Wendy's outlet where the finger was discovered The Wendy's outlet where the finger was discovered

See also