Three dead infants found in Canadian home

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The remains of three children were discovered in a bucket at a home at 1302 Sandford Street in London, Ontario in Canada on Saturday, June 6, 2009. The bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition, so much so that it was originally thought to be a single corpse until further investigation revealed that it was actually the remains of three children.

"He came outside and told everybody he discovered this bucket," a neighbour of the resident who discovered the remains, told CBC News. "He said his girlfriend had this bucket for two years with gardening stuff in it, and he opened it on Saturday, and it was [filled with] bloody clothes and a blanket, and he called the police."

London Ontario
Image: Gene.arboit.

"Due to the decomposition it was difficult to see that there was more than one there. The bodies have been decomposing, it could be over a number of years," said London Police Detective-Superintendent Ken Heslop, "We won't know anything until, I'm hoping, Thursday or Friday, depending on how long the examinations take."

Jennifer Sinn, 32, a former resident of the building has been charged with concealing a child's body and offering an indignity to a dead human body. Neighbours have described her as a recluse staying to herself with parents delivering meals to her. Neighbours have also come forward saying that a young child about one year old has not been seen for awhile and that there had also been two older children. Police are seeking any further information in the case.

There is no report of charges against the man who called the police to report the bodies, who is believed to be the ex-boyfriend of Sinn, who is charged with the crime. Reportedly, she had moved out of the building two weeks prior to the discovery of the bodies.

The London police are following up with local police at various locations where the young lady had resided before.

The provincial forensic pathology unit in Toronto, Ontario will undertake the full autopsies.

Constable Amy Phillipo said, “The investigation into the cause and manner of death of the three infants is continuing."