Train accident in Spain kills at least twelve

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Friday, June 25, 2010

A RENFE Class 490 train, similar to the one involved in the incident.
Image: Andrés Martínez.

A train accident in northeastern Spain killed at least twelve people, and injured fourteen more, late on Wednesday evening.

According to the Spain's interior ministry, the incident occurred at the Castelldefels Playa station in the city of Castelldefels, south of Barcelona.

A group of about thirty beach-goers exited a commuter train and were crossing the tracks when they were struck by a high-speed train not scheduled to stop at the station. According to witnesses, the group did not use the underpass to exit the station.

Local media reports say, of those injured, all were younger than 28 years, except for one woman who is 45 years old. Most of the group were en route to a celebration of the Saint John's Day summer festival to mark the shortest night of the year.

A day of mourning was called for in Catalan region following the disaster.