Trees continue to die in Houston, Texas

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Relentless drought and record-high temperatures are taking their toll on trees in and around Houston, Texas. Experts estimate as much as 10% of all trees in the area are either dead or dying.

Urban Forester Victor Cordova said, "We water in the morning. We go back and check and it's like we didn't even water. The air, the humidity, the heat just sucks up the moisture." Officials say young trees are in greatest danger; approximately 20,000 trees planted since January are at risk.

Along portions of the North Freeway, workers have been removing dry trees. "At a point we have to go back to the survival of the fittest. Whatever makes it, makes it and whatever doesn't, doesn't", Cordova reported.

Last year's Hurricane Ike may have also played a role in killing the plants.

Up to 64,000 trees in the Houston area might be lost by the end of this year. However, those planted by the Texas Department of Transportation are still under warranty, and are replaced at no cost to taxpayers.