Two Brampton residents announce 2010 Ontario mayoral intentions

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

With the 2006 Ontario municipal elections out of the way since Monday, the next scheduled for 2010, one would think campaigning was over. However, Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell already has two competitors aiming to take her down in four years time.

Her first two announced competitors are set to complete: John R. A. Moulton, who finished third in the last election, and political newcomer Tom Argyll.

When asked by Wikinews for general comments about the election, Moulton replied "I will be back!!!!"

Argall, who pens under the self-described "pretentious" pen name of T. Gregory Argall, announced his intentions after asking candidates for information, and writing about this experience on website The Brampton News.

"This is no longer just a study in sociology. This not simply a game of "can-I-get-elected?" It is a serious undertaking and I will follow through if elected," Argall says on his campaign MySpace account. "I was born in Brampton and I have lived here all my life. This city is important to me."

Neither candidate can spend money on campaigning, nor accept donations, until registered for their shot at the top job until the city begins accepting submissions in 2010. This is believed to be the earliest any would-be Brampton mayoral candidate has stated their intention, due to the fact the span between previous municipal elections was two, then three years.

Moulton received 5.9% of the vote, for third place. Sunny Gandhi and Amjid Iqbal both received fewer votes, while front runners Susan Fennell and Raj Sharda took 74.8% and 14.1% respectively. Sharda had been endorsed by the Toronto Star newspaper.

Moulton's message also stated that "We can not put the environment on the back burner / We have to react now!!!"


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