Two dead, thirteen missing after boat capsizes in Chinese lake

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Location of Sichuan province in China
Image: TUBS.

On Saturday, local authorities said a child died and three were being treated after a leisure boat capsized at Bailong Lake in Guangyuan, Sichuan province, China at 14:50 local time (0650 UTC). At about noon on Monday a search and rescue team found the body of a middle-aged male passenger; thirteen other people were still missing.

According to officials, strong winds caused the accident.

The boat had been running a three-hour tour and the accident happened several minutes before its finish. Officials on Saturday said the child was taken to hospital and pronounced dead there.

On Sunday, a Blue Sky rescue team spokesman said underwater video cameras located the boat at around 65 meters (around 215 feet) depth, with no signs of survivors. The search for the remaining then-fourteen people was ongoing.

Five families had been on board, and the boat operator, his wife, and his son.

The vessel was prepared for up to forty passengers.