UEFA Champions League 2007–08: CSKA Moscow vs. Inter Milan

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23, 2007
19:30 (UTC+2)
CSKA Moscow 1-2 Inter Milan Lokomotiv Stadium, Moscow
Referee: Mike Riley
Scored after 32 minutes 32' (1)
Dudu Substituted off after 42 minutes 42'
Eduardo Substituted on after 42 minutes 42'
A. Berezutski Substituted off after 45 minutes 45'
Grigoriev Substituted on after 45 minutes 45'
Carvalho Booked after 61 minutes 61'
Eduardo Substituted off after 76 minutes 76'
Janczyk Substituted on after 76 minutes 76'
Match Report Substituted off after 17 minutes 17' Vieira
Substituted on after 17 minutes 17' Stanković
Booked after 43 minutes 43' Figo
Scored after 52 minutes 52' (1) Crespo
Substituted off after 62 minutes 62' Crespo
Substituted on after 62 minutes 62' Cruz
Substituted off after 77 minutes 77' Dacourt
Substituted on after 77 minutes 77' Solari
Scored after 80 minutes 80' (1) Samuel
Booked after 83 minutes 83' Solari

Inter Milan beat CSKA Moscow in their Champions League match today in a game that saw Luis Figo become the 6th player to play at least 100 games in UEFA Champions League.

The Moscow club took the game to Inter with 18 shots and a 1st half lead. However, CSKA Moscow will look at this as a lost opportunity as only five of those shots hit the target.

The rematch comes in Matchday 4 in 15 days With Inter being the home club at San Siro.