UK City Councillor suspended from party after expressing controversial views

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Gavin Webb, a British City Councilor from the Liberal Democrats party has been suspended from his party and may lose his position as a school governor after making controversial comments on, among other things, the subjects of drugs and prostitution.

When describing his opinion on drugs, Webb said "I believe we should legalise the lot, including the most harmful substance heroin." He also said that the action taken by police on drugs was a "waste of money."

He also called for legalisation of handgun use. "The only person one can trust in protecting one's own life, is oneself. That is why I also advocate that individuals should have the right to carry a handgun," he said.

Mr. Webb also advocated the decriminalisation of driving under the influence and the legalisation of brothels.

On a separate occasion, when speaking on the Free Talk Live radio show recently, Webb said that he refused to pay some types of tax.


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