UK firemen cut metal ring from man's penis

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fire fighters in the United Kingdom used a hand grinder to remove a metal ring from a man's penis 2 days ago. They had been summoned after doctors at the Royal Wigan Infirmary in Greater Manchester became worried that the man may have required amputation of the penis as the ring was cutting off the blood flow.

The man had been taken to the infirmary's Accident and Emergency department, where attempts were made to cut through the ring. However, this failed as hospital cutting equipment was not strong enough to sever the hard metal the ring was made of.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service responded to the call made at around 12.10 GMT Thursday, after the penis started swelling up. Two fire fighters spent twenty minutes cutting the ring off the then anaesthetised man, who is in his 40s. The mini hand grinder used for the job is more regularly used for tasks such as cutting through padlocks.

A thin sheet of metal was placed around the man's penis to protect it during the operation. It is thought that the ring had originally been cut off the end of a pipe.