UK teachers strike in first national teachers strike in 21 years

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The BBC has reported that 8000 schools have been fully or partially closed by today’s national UK teachers strike.

The majority of state schools in the city of Bristol are closing for the strike, although many of the schools for students age 16+ are expected to remain open.

Some schools that originally said they would be closed have made the decision not to close for the strike.

The Guardian reports that the strike, which is expected to take place on Thursday, will be the first national teachers' strike in 21 years.

Christine Blower from the National Union of Teachers, which is organising the strike, said:

Cquote1.svg What we're saying to the government is, if you really do value teachers, then make sure that they're paid at least at the level of inflation - which we take to be the RPI, which is 4.1% Cquote2.svg

Earlier this week, John Dunford from the Association of School and College Leaders told The Guardian that:

Cquote1.svg Most secondary schools will be partially closed; a thousand could close. It will be very, very difficult for schools which have been on holiday to organise themselves this week. Cquote2.svg


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