US Marine killed after vehicle capsizes, sinks in Oceanside Harbor, California

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

US Marines aboard an amphibious assault vehicle
Image: DoD/Casey H. Kyhl.

An amphibious vehicle belonging to the United States Marines capsized and sank to the floor of the Del Mar boat basin, California at 1130 PST (1930 UTC) resulting in one death and three injures.

Three instructors and three students were conducting driver training when the vehicle capsized and sank, trapping them inside. Three injured individuals were transported to hospital and two were uninjured. The deceased Marine was rescued at around 1415 PST and was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1447 PST. Oxygen was being pumped into the vehicle for hours in an attempt to keep the Marine alive.

Captain Daniel J. Thomas revealed that "There will be a thorough investigation into this mishap that occurred." He continued, "[there will be] reports that come, lessons learned in terms of preventing anything like this from happening." Major Thomas said that training would not be stopped, but "We’re going to take a look at this and the commander will then make a decision before anything goes back into place to make sure any safety briefing that need to be given are conducted."

The identity of the dead Marine has not yet been revealed; the family have yet to have been notified.