US singer Madonna's elder brother Anthony Ciccone dies at age 66

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Monday, February 27, 2023

Madonna's family at their winery in 2009. Anthony Ciccone is on the left.
Image: J.K. Califf.

On Friday, US singer Madonna's elder brother Anthony Ciccone died at 66. A cause has not yet been declared.

The singer's brother-in-law, Joe Henry, announced Ciccone's death on Instagram, writing of a "complex character".

"I want to think the god your blessed mother (and mine) believed in has her there, waiting to receive you. At least for today, no one shall dissuade me from this vision."

Madonna "liked" Henry's post, while not publicly commenting.

Madonna, Anthony and their six siblings were raised in Detroit, Michigan.

When Madonna left for New York City in 1978 to pursue a musical career, Ciccone remained behind. He became estranged from his family and experienced alcoholism and homelessness for some years.

By 2017, he had completed a stint in a rehabilitation centre and reconciled with his family.