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Pagina Aphaeae (Selidas Britomarteos)

I'm active on mainly Japanese projects and meta. Your message on my talk on Japanese Wikinews will be appliciated.

Wikinews and I[edit]

First let me confess that I am one of the party who opposed the new project at the vote 2004. I felt then the stated mission of Wikinews is so noble and respectable as to attract many good and sincere people, but thought its achivement would be hard, specially to keep quality and neutrality. Even now, my idea is not so different from then, except the difficulties of pursuing neutrality; Wikiquote is developing a nice system to review article development, and it helps to prevent strong POV articles to be issued to some extent. However, other aspects of quality control, like avoiding copyvio, I culculate their difficulities still high.

Generally I would like to work with good fellows, and enjoy developing and helping any respectable aims on a good faith, I have therefore a strong interest to help developing all the Wikimedia projects as far as I can. I have been working on Wikimedia Quarto, the official newsletter of Wikimedia Foundation, and sometimes organized translations related to Foudnation, including Quarto, Wikimania website, Yahoo! press release on April and Election notice 2005. All of them were really exciting experiences. I am honoured to have been invited to those tiny but informative projects and appreciate all my collegues on those project. It was really a pleasure to work with such good fellows. On Wikinews, I am grateful to three Wikinewsies, Tomos, Eloquence and Amgine, who helped Wikimedia Quarto editing. Your future contributions will be also appreciated, please feel free to contact Quarto stuffs, if you would like to write something on Wikimedia Quarto.

I am also interested in spreading knowledge, but my interest is generally on humanities, and I am pretty far from the journalistic topics. Sometimes I would like the others to know some specific topic mainly due to my concern to humanities, but I am principally no person of journalism. So it is not a surprise I was not so much involved into this project, I have been however involved into this project, when some Japanese Wikimedians began to attempt a new language edition launching.

By incident, now I am one of Japanese Wikinews admin team. Adminship there is temporally granted to me and I am not sure if I am the right stuff, I enjoy however (surprisingly!) my activities on Wikinews, and now it is the project I spent the longest time in a day on over 300 Wikimedia projects. I would like to try all my best to develop both project and community. All your help to enhance the youngest sibling (as of yet) will be appreciated.

My concerns on Wikinews[edit]

  • Neutrality and accuracy - as same as on other projects.
  • Geographical balance of topics - to introduce East Asian topics to English edition and non EA topics to Japanese edition.
  • Coordination between each language projects, specially Japanese version and others.
  • Coordination between other projects - between Wikipedia and Commons in particular.