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List of articles created by me:

  1. New York City Mass Transit facing service cuts
  2. Hawaiian Representative Neil Abercrombie resigns
  3. Protesters arrested at climate change rally
  4. North Korean weapons seized in Thailand
  5. Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi assaulted
  6. Kaiane Aldorino wins Miss World competition
  7. North Korean weapons seized in Thailand
  8. Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" makes maiden flight
  9. Macy's flagship store in New York evacuated due to fire
  10. Pope attacked during Christmas Eve Mass
  11. American actor Charlie Sheen arrested
  12. Run-off likely in Croatian presidential elections
  13. Fireworks found on US domestic flight
  14. British national Akmal Shaikh executed in China
  15. Somali pirates capture two ships
  16. California congressman George Radanovich to leave office
  17. Times Square shuts down due to suspicious vehicle (with original reporting & pictures from the scene)
  18. 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocks San Diego and northern Mexico
  19. Afghanistan suicide bomb leaves 8 Americans dead
  20. North Korea seeks diplomatic relations with the US
  21. Russia raises minimum vodka prices
  22. Afghanistan's parliament rejects Karzai's cabinet nominations
  23. US closes embassy in Yemen (technically merged)
  24. Airport security tightened worldwide
  25. Man accused of Holocaust Museum shooting dies
  26. Wikinews Shorts: January 10, 2010#Gunman opens fire at ABB Factory
  27. Two arrested in New York subway bomb plot
  28. 'Not guilty' plea from Abdulmutallab on Detroit jet bombing charges
  29. Two charged in Heathrow bomb threat
  30. Gordon Brown says that the UK won't run out of gas
  31. US Senate Majority leader Harry Reid criticized over comments
  32. New Jersey to legalize medical marijuana
  33. Local al-Qaida leader killed in eastern Yemen
  34. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent US$108 million on third term bid
  35. New York's JFK airport evacuated, reopened
  36. Ukraine presidential election headed for runoff
  37. Libya stops issuing visas to Schengen countries
  38. Plane crash in California kills three
  39. Plane crashes into office block in Austin, Texas
  40. Train accident kills three girls in Central Florida
  41. Laws allowing same sex marriage in Washington, D.C. go into effect
  42. New York Representative Eric Massa to retire
  43. Imam pleads guilty in New York subway bomb plot
  44. Tiger kills handler in Shanghai zoo
  45. Teen arrested in Wal-Mart racial case
  46. WHO releases report on drug resistant tuberculosis
  47. Non-profit ACORN plans to shut down
  48. New York City reaches $33 million strip search settlement
  49. Security threats directed at US Democrats
  50. Private guard kills Somali pirate in Gulf of Aden
  51. 25 dead after mine explosion in West Virginia
  52. US air carrier Spirit Airlines announces a $45 carry-on baggage fee
  53. Long Island teen found guilty of hate crime
  54. New Jersey students protest proposed budget cuts
  55. Delta Airlines flight makes emergency landing
  56. Family of five killed in house fire on Staten Island
  57. Typhoon kills two in southern China
  58. Man disguised as Darth Vader robs bank
  59. New Jersey governor calls television show "Jersey Shore" negative
  60. Investigation into Washington D.C. Metro crash finds need for new safety rules
  61. New York firebomb suspect arraigned
  62. Japan Airlines to relist shares
  63. US government expands definition of rape to include men
  64. US Coast Guard rescues Iranian ship
  65. Inquiry ordered into video of US troops urinating on Taliban fighters
  66. Man killed in police shooting in Brooklyn, New York
  67. Woman gives birth on New Jersey PATH train
  68. Online retailer hit by hackers
  69. Twitter to allow censorship of posts on a country by country basis
  70. Unarmed man killed by narcotics officer in The Bronx
  71. Susan G. Komen Foundation reneges on Planned Parenthood funding cuts
  72. UN resolution on Syria vetoed by Russia and China
  73. US regulators approve new nuclear reactors for first time in 34 years
  74. American pop star Whitney Houston dies at 48
  75. Two United States officers killed in Afghan ministry
  76. Military jet crashes in Virginia Beach, Virginia