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  • Name: Daniel
  • Location: Jerusalem, Givat Shaul neighborhood
  • Nationality: Dutch (The Netherlands)
  • Profession: IT
  • Religion: Haredi (('ultra'-)Orthodox) Jewish (anti-Zionist, affiliated with the Dushinsky and Satmar Chassidic movements)
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, Hebrew, Yiddish

For more, see my user page at Wikipedia.

My view on Zionism:

Newsfreak: my sources[edit]

I am an absolute newsfreak. My favorite sources, ordered by preference, with the [number] of times I visit them on an average day:

  • Israeli (in English) Haaretz (most neutral newspaper in the entire Middle East, good website, first choice) [40] Yedioth Ahronoth (secular Zionist anti-Jewish) [30] Arutz Sheva (right-wing religious Zionist) [20] Yated Neeman (Haredi [ultra-Orthodox] Jewish anti-Zionist, weekly) [once every few days] The Jerusalem Post (secular Zionist, very bad website) [2]
  • Dutch [30] Algemeen Dagblad [5] Indymedia NL [1] De Stentor [1] AT5 [10]
  • German / Swiss Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung [once every few days] Rheinische Post [now and then] Engadiner Post [now and then]
  • Other [now and then; in case of big happenings outside of countries covered above]
  • Jewish Yated Neeman (Haredi [ultra-Orthodox] Jewish anti-Zionist, weekly) [once every few days] Dutch Jewish Communities [1] Bechedrei Chareidim (Hebrew / Yiddish) news and forums [1] [1]

And no, I am not exaggerating when I say that I visit some of these sites 40 times in a day. It is very rare for me not to be fully up to date on anything going on in Israel and the Netherlands, and major issues in the rest of the world.

Whoever wants to know: I contribute using a Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop, using WinXP-Home-SP2. I use IE6 at home and Firefox at work (occasionally at home also). I am a Microsoft-addict. Windows Media Player, MSN Messenger, you name it. But I love Google also, including Gmail and Google Video. And Wikimedia. The three companies / organizations I could not do without are without a doubt Microsoft, Google and Wikimedia.