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News Briefs are short daily recordings, with descriptions of two to three current articles. They are typically two to four minutes in duration.

Current Releases[edit]


Audio Wikinews Briefs for 2010-2012[edit]

Audio Wikinews Briefs for March 2012

Date Duration Newsreader Script by Transcript Download Listen
March 31, 2012 06m 01s Chad Tew Crtew News Brief Vorbis
March 24, 2012 05m 38s Chad Tew Crtew News Brief Vorbis
March 17, 2012 06m 14s Chad Tew Crtew News Brief Vorbis

How to contribute[edit]

We use UTC time, make sure to approximately note this. The current time is Monday, October 19, 2020, 23:22
As with all Audio Wikinews projects, please follow the recording and template guidelines, and it is imperative that you maintain the policy of presenting a neutral point of view in your news briefs release.

Prepare brief[edit]

  • Download Introduction Music
    - There is also an "Outro" music clip:
  • Prepare the transcript first (unless someone does it for you). The naming convention is: "News Briefs:Month Day Year" For example "News Briefs:October 27, 2007" There is no space between brief: and the month because it is pseudo name space. From the front page, open up relevant articles of the day in tabs and populate the first paragraphs of each into the news brief article.
    • Tips: Sometimes you need to include other essential information within the article. Proofread briefs for spoken flow and edit out redundant sentences. Avoid using quotes unless you have the actual audio recording of the person.


  • Record! Spoken Wikipedia has a great guide on doing a good recording and how to do it. For News Briefs the spoken style is that of normal conversation with a bit of urgency. You are speaking directly to the listener, not to a crowd and you are not reading. For Spoken Wikinews, the style is up to you depending on the context of the article. Entertainment articles probably could use a bit of charisma compared to more stern reporting for political articles.
    • Because technology hasn't caught up with audio recording demands, please reduce your sound files to monotone and ogg format. But do record in 44.1 hz stereo sound and then convert down from there. Spoken Wikipedia has instructions to reduce background noise.


  • Be sure to name your file
{{Audio upload
|title=News briefs:Month, Day Year
|date=year-mo-da (ie: 2007-10-28)
|accent=(ie: UK English)
|sex=male or female

'''[[Category:Audio Wikinews News Brief]]'''

The Creative Commons license template (cc-by-sa) above is important and must be included. All audio recordings will no doubt be above 4.77 MB so save your file if Commons prompts you on the size limit.

  • Return to your News Brief article and at the very top add the ListenAWNB template so people can play the brief immediately while reading it. {{Template:ListenAWNB}}
|filename=Audio Wikinews Brief YEAR-MO-DA.ogg

Also add the following at the end of the article:

[[Category:Wikinews audio]]
[[Category:Audio Wikinews News Briefs]] 
[[Category:Month Day, Year]]

Format your brief[edit]

The introduction:

The time is 00:00 UTC and this is the Audio Wikinews Brief for MONTH DAY, YEAR.

The ending:

"This has been an Audio Wikinews Brief and is freely available for copy under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license at Catch the latest breaking news at Wikinews at"

  • Lastly, update the current list of recorded articles below (see the Edit link). It will edit the archive template directly which will then update everything else!