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{{w}} Styling[edit]

The output of {{w}} can be changed with some simple CSS. To change the style of {{w}} links that are redirecting to a local link, use something similar to the code on the left; to change the links redirecting out to Wikipedia, use code similar to the ones on the right:

.interwiki-link-local { border-bottom:1px solid green;}
.interwiki-link-foreign { border-bottom:1px solid green;}
.interwiki-link-local { border: 1px dotted gray;}
.interwiki-link-foreign { border: 1px dotted gray;}
.interwiki-link-local { border-bottom:1px dashed red;}
.interwiki-link-foreign { border-bottom:1px dashed red;}

Add the code to the .css page relevant to you:

User skins
Cologne Blue Modern Monobook Myskin Nostalgia Classic Vector
.js .css .js .css .js .css .js .css .js .css .js .css .js .css


Pseudodeleter in action.

'Pseudoadmin' is a suite of scripts that attempt to give non-administrators a few administrative tools (by proxy). The suite currently includes tools for tagging articles for deletion, and for filing {{editprotected}} requests.

To "delete" a page, simply click the 'QD' button in the tabs and select a reason from the list that appears. The page will automatically be tagged with the relevant {{delete}} tag. However, you are still advised to use {{copyvio}} manually for now.

To "unprotect" a page, pick the 'unprotect' button in the tabs, fill out a description of the work that should be carried out, why it should be carried out, etc; and press return. An {{editprotected}} tag will magically appear on the corresponding talk page. Note that this does not work on Portal or Comments namespaces (nor talk pages themselves), and that the caction may appear on unprotected pages.

Please note that these tools edit on your behalf, using the API; there is no standard edit interface. Use of the tools remain your responsibility.


Add the following to your vector.js (or monobook.js as appropriate).

importScript('User:Microchip08/pseudodelete.js')     // adds a 'quick deletion' caction to magically add {{delete}} templates
importScript('User:Microchip08/pseudoprotect.js')   //  allows quick and easy {{editprotected}} requests
                                                   //   [[User:Microchip08/Pseudoadmin]]

Please think about leaving the link intact so that usage can be tracked.

You may require a direct call to Bawolff's awesome API library to make the tools work properly, but that's unlikely. If you do need to do so, add the following to your .js:

User skins
Cologne Blue Modern Monobook Myskin Nostalgia Classic Vector
.js .css .js .css .js .css .js .css .js .css .js .css .js .css


The following code, when added to your .css file, will turn redirects listed in Special:Allpages etc, into italics (to easily tell 'em apart).

.redirect-in-category, .allpagesredirect {
    font-style: italic;