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About Me:[edit]

I'm mainly active in the video games part of Wikipedia, although I also have some interest in the the computing, biology, languages, European/ancient history and techonolgy pages.

Wherever possible I add information to pages (with citations of course), but the vast majority of my edits are either:
• spelling corrections, basic copyedits, corrections of manual of style errors and fixing of layout errors (usually image stacking).

  • • the addition/replacement of pictures .
  • • vandalism reversions.Adding appropriate web sources

Personal/Bio: See me on wikiversity[edit]

Over 3 years of commercial research experience in interactive entertainment and gaming industries.apart from this iam a hardcore health, muscles and fitness freak have lineup of various dietary, sports nutrition , whey proteins supplements stored at home Also teach at New York University on video games, of course) , Hold a doctorate from Columbia University.Has been writing reviews about games for websites such as CVG IGN gamespot & gameinformer since 2010 also edited the Australian edition of PS3 Mgazine .
i moved from England to Canada in search for a new way of living. A lot changed but my love for gaming hasn't. Ever since playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis as a kid, I have played games almost daily. When I was a Magazine editor , I knew becoming a journalist is something I want to do. At the age of 10, I used to create my own one page publication every month and share it with my friends and teachers. It's funny, now thinking about it, because I used to rate games HOT or NOT in red and blue bold font. Ever since then, I have written articles ,game reviews for various websites, Community Challenge "Winner" - Podcast Beyond IGN PS3 Lobby "Stud of the Month" - January 2012 Currently Playing: Black Ops 2, Hitman Absolution