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I live in the US and I mostly write and report on US politics and current events in the US. I hate that, and I am interested in diverting my attention away from that and focusing much more on world news. It's all mega depressing, but I am honestly just so burnt out with the drama and anti-intellectualism in my country right now. I want a breath of fresh air.

My education is mainly concentrated in the business and professional writing fields. I am strongly considering becoming a freelance writer, and possibly a full-time editor/columnist once I gain enough experience. Wikinews will essentially be my side project as I complete my final semester of Uni and finish my band's first demo recordings.

Despite my username (its a troll username) I would rather identify as more of a libertarian-socialist or anarchist type. I strongly support direct democracy and free association, as well as fully democratizing the means of production. I oppose most US foreign policy decisions, I feel as if they are almost always immoral and for self-gain rather than utilitarianism. Despite having far-left political leanings I take objective reporting very seriously, and even biased reporting that supports my worldview grinds my gears. As such, I highly value independent journalism and tend to dismiss my country's partisan/corporate media outlets such as Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, ect..

I'm a musician! I primarily play guitar and contribute vocals, but I also mess around with bass, piano and beat production. My fav genres are punk, indie, jazz and lofi type stuff.


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