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Talk page of 2006nishan178713

Things to keep in mind

  • If you require any help, please leave a message right here on this talk page.
  • If there's something you need to discuss in private, email me. (need to be autoconfirmed though). If you aren't autoconfirmed, just go on any wiki where I don't contribute and put a message there.
  • Feeling bored and want to have a chat, I'm more than happy to do so.
  • If you're having difficulty in accessing this talk page, go to m:User talk:2006nishan178713 or to the talk pages of any other wiki. All the wikis are connected through cross-wiki notifications.


Main archives (current)
  • 2021 - archives from 2021
  • 2022 - archives from 2022

Click here to start a conversation. I will always try to reply to every message. Be assured to get a reply! Again, if you want to talk about some thing off-topic or random, I will be happy to do so.

All threads on this page will get archived every month. Active discussions will be an exception to this. Archiving is done by me manually and not by a bot, so you may see some inconsistency.

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