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Public Foundation.

Project Manager: Zoltán NAGY

     Apertus Public Foundation for Open
        Training and Distance Learning
• Founded by the Hungarian Government
• For the financial, information technological and
  methodological support of programs in open
  training and distance learning
• For managing projects in the field of
  education, open distance vocational training
  and education related software development.
  In the last two years the total amount of the
  projects – managed by Apertus - was more
  than 10.000.000 Euro.
• relevant experience in content and software
• digital laboratory experiments in the field of
  education including higher education and
  vocational training
Péter Szabó – President of the Public Foundation
László NAGY – project coordinator, area: WP9
Miklós MÓD – project coordinator, area: financial
Zoltán NAGY – project management
  Main goal is to make schools more safe for the
• Participating
      WP1 - Intelligent Monitoring and Automatic Detection of Threats
      WP5 - Search Engine for Fast Detection of Person and Documents
              Based on Watermarking and Agent Technology
      WP6 - Interactive Multimedia Applications Portal for Intelligent
              Observation System

    WP9 - Dissemination


Gdansk University of Technology
Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics
Multimedia Systems Department
ul. Narutowicza 11/12
80-952 Gdansk, POLAND
+48 58 347 13 01
Areas of research
 Digital signal processing
 Image & video processing
 Intelligent computing methods
 Microprocessor system design
 Acoustic measurements
 Multimedia communications
 Studio Technology & Sound reinforcement
Research group
 Andrzej Czyżewski, Prof., D.Sc., Eng.
    Head of the Multimedia Systems Department
 Piotr Szczuko, Ph.D., Eng.
    Project Lead at GUT
    Expertise: Image analysis
 Andrzej Ciarkowski, Andrzej Ciarkowski, M.Sc, Eng.
    Technical Lead at GUT
    Expertise: Communications, System Design
 Grzegorz Szwoch, Ph.D., Eng.
    Expertise: Video analysis
Research group
 Paweł Żwan, Ph.D., Eng.
    Expertise: Audio analysis
 Piotr Dalka, M.Sc, Eng.
    Expertise: Video analysis
 Józef Kotus, Ph.D., Eng.
    Expertise: Monitoring station design
  Maciej Szczodrak, M.Sc, Eng.
    Expertise: Supercomputing applications
 Damian Ellwart, M.Sc, Eng.
    Expertise: Audio analysis
 Maciej Chyliński, M.Sc, Eng.
    Expertise: Database design
Goals in INDECT
 Development of multimedia surveillance techniques,
    Automated video analysis algorithms (object tracking
    & classification, event detection)
    Advanced audio surveillance (security-related sound
    event detection, sound source localization)
    Combined analysis of multimedia data from multiple
    Collecting and presentation of surveillance and
    telemetric data (RFID, GPS...)


        InnoTec DATA GmbH & Co. KG
• 1991 founded
• 44 Employers
• Business field CCTV
• Business field Telematic solutions
• Business field Dock & Yard
  Management Systems
         GTS-Nano – smallest GPS/GSM tracking device
•GPS SuperSense -158 db            •roaming automaisation
•Quad Band – GSM Modul             •geo fencing
•1,6 MB internal memory            •I/O`s, 1X RS232
•intelligent Powermanagement       •shocksenor
•embedded Sim


  Grenoble Institute of Technology
LIG - Grenoble Informatics Laboratory
   Networks and Multimedia Group
              Andrzej Duda
Group objectives
Network protocols and communication
Advances in networking
  next-generation Internet (IPv6, QoS, advanced
  routing, mobility)
  wireless networks (802.11, Bluetooth, ZigBee,
  sensor networks, mesh networks)
  P2P networks
  traffic analysis, malware, botnets
Goals in INDECT
 Leader of WP3
 Main interest in WP3
   surveillance and monitoring of Internet ressources
   and services
   monitoring of P2P networks
   detection and containment of botnets
   traffic analysis techniques
   monitoring of wireless networks
   monitoring underground markets


 Polish Police - uniformed and armed
force, which main goal is to serve and
 proctect the people, and to maintain
       public order and security.
               NATIONAL POLICE
                             The basic police activities:
- the protection of people`s health and life, the protection of property,
the protection of public safety and order,
-creating and organizing "community policing" and crime prevention activities,
- detecting crimes and misdemeanors, arresting people who commited crimes,
-the control of regulations, regarding public life and public spaces,
- the cooperation with police forces from other countries and international


Involvement in INDECT
 In most of the WPs. Mainly in WP2 and WP6. Total effort: 59 PM
 By our Development Department. Wide expertise in R+D national &
 European projects (FP5, FP6, Eureka initiative).
 Bringing knowledge in the areas of:
    Mobile and wireless technologies
    Semantic web services
    Location and tracking of Mobile Object
    Trust, security and privacy
    Identity Management
    Context awareness
    Personalization, usability etc.
    User interfaces for mobile applications and mobile devices
    Implementation, integration and interoperability
Goals & Expected Outcomes
 As SME, Moviquity will have strong interest in prototyping as well as
 further exploitation of results and their commercialisation:
                  Open new market opportunities both into national
                and international scopes.
                  Improve security and intelligent surveillance
                methods into application technologies fostering
                commercial & business services.
                  Integrate those innovative tools generated into the
                project in our know-how.
                  European R&D projects results.
   Thanks for your attention!
       Gema Maestro Molina
      Phone: +34 91 431 98 59
C/Isabel Colbrand 10, Planta 5a Oficina 150
     Poligono Industrial de Fuencarral
              28050 Madrid


  • PSI Transcom GmbH
PSI Group - segments and target markets
Energy Management
       34 years in the market.
                                          Utilities (electricity, gas, oil, water)
       Control systems, operation and
                                          Energy transport and distribution
       service management, simulation,
                                          Retail sale and trading
       network utilisation, trading/sales
Production Management
       39 years in the market.            Mechanical and plant engineering
       Production planning, process       Automotive and automotive parts
       control systems, ERP, SCM,         Metals (steel and aluminium)
       warehouse and transport logistics  Logistics, airports
       25 years in the market.
Infrastructure Management
       Telco infrastructure management,
                                          Public transport and railways
       operation control and telematics,
                                          Homeland security
       disaster prevention and safety
PSI Transcom GmbH – Safety
     Innovative command and
          control systems on
        real-time monitoring
               of networks
Quality and quantity of measured data, e.g.:
• Water gauges or soil data
• meteorological data
• ...
• Information and alarming while reaching
  critical values
                                             Our Command and Control
                                             Systems are noted for high
                                                economic efficiency and
INDECT - People involved
Dr. Haluk Şarlan
Project manager
Patrick Hasenfuß
PSI Transcom
Project coordination
  Prototyping an integrated command and control system
  to serve the requirements of police duties
  Demonstrating the possibilities of an Supervisory Control
  and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system by implementing
  the INDECT research-results
  Exploitation of results and their commercialization
  New partners in Europe
  New customers in Europe
  Building up new PSI know-how about requirements of
  police duties
                    Patrick Hasenfuß
                 Dircksenstraße 42-44
                D-10178 Berlin (Mitte)
        Telefon: +49/711/781935-271
        Telefax: +49/711/781935-225

Police Service of Northern Ireland[edit]

       ACC Drew Harris
      Supt. Gerry Murray
D/C/Insp. Zulema Rosborough
  • No other details, few pics


    INDECT – Cracow, January 22-23, 2009
Poznan University of Technology
       Chair of IT Security
               Janusz Stokłosa - head
                  Krzysztof Bucholc
                  Krzysztof Chmiel
             Anna Grocholewska-Czuryło
                   Ewa Idzikowska
               Izabela Janicka-Lipska
                  Michał Apolinarski
          Przemysław Rodwald – cooperation
             Research activity
• Design of cryptographic primitives
    – Boolean functions
    – S-boxes
    – P-boxes
• Design and analysis of cryptographic algorithms:
    – Block ciphers
    – Stream ciphers
    – Hash functions
               Goals in Indect
Task 8.2 Cryptographic algorithms for efficient
  security of data flow in information system)
Design of
• New block cipher
• New stream cipher
• New hash function
   • This group belongs to Institute of Control and Information Engineering
     (ICIE) – also part of Centre of Excellence in Telematics (CDT)
   • Key PUT-ICIE/CDT experts
           • Prof. Czeslaw Jedrzejek: the coordinator of CDT, very rich experience in EU
              projects (ITTI leader in Daidalos and Mobilfuture leader in Daidalos II, PUT leader in
              FP6 TANGO), one of the key authors of the INDECT proposal, main focus in
              INDECT on ontologies and ontology-based reasoning for crisis management
           • Dr Andrzej Szwabe: experience in several EU projects (PUT leader in FP7
              OPNEX), architect of a commercial MoFu IVAS platform awarded by Polish Science
              Foundation, in INDECT focus on INDECT IVAS and collaborative content filtering
       – Conducted research on ontologies, reasoning, semantic and relationship-
         mining tools for Polish Police and prosecutors within Polish Security Platform
   • Conceptual co-leadership of WP6
       – PUT-ICIE/CDT has 50 PMs in WP6, all other partners together have 72 PMs
       – PUT-ICIE/CDT has provided the initial proposal of the WP6 architecture
   • Main goals of PUT in WP6:
       – Providing a INDECT-dedicated open-source version of the personalized multi-
         access IVAS platform (IVVR+Web+RTSP)
       – Integration of INDECT_IVAS with PUT’s ontology-based reasoning engine and
         other semantic and relationship-mining subsystems of WP6 Portal


University Carlos III of Madrid
David Larrabeiti (coord.) (
Manuel Urueña (
           Advanced Switching and Communication Systems (adscom)
           Dept. of Telematics Engineering
           University Carlos III of Madrid
  Area of research:
               Networking & telecommunications
               Multimedia networked applications
             Research Group & expertise (I)
Adscom Research group members
participating in INDECT
    Dr. David Larrabeiti (Full professor) – coordinator
    Dr. Manuel Urueña (Associate professor) – technical
    Dr. Ricardo Romeral (Associate professor)
    Dr. David García (Visiting professor)
    Eng. Isaac Seoane (Research Assistant)
    Eng. Angel Cuevas (Research Assistant)
                                                                                Applic.   Applic.     Applic.
    Brodband Networking                                              timers
                                                        Execution                                       Router
                                                        Environment                                      view
                NICE, BTI, e-Photon/ONe, BONE
                                                                   AA Manager dispatcher
    Programmable networks                               terminator
                GCAP, Opium, AURAS                       Execution
                                                         Environment                    Rxr       Txr
    Deep packet inspection                               OS
                SABA                                                                                      SNMP
    Homeland security & ad-hoc nets                                                         APFE
                Improvisa, T2C2
        Departament of Telematics Engineering
  • Apologies for formatting on this one.
              UC3M Goals in INDECT (1/2)
Lead WP8: Security and Privacy
   T8.1 Design a Framework for secure
   information transfer and storage in
       Preserve privacy and civil liberties.
       Design procedures to monitor access
       to confidential information.
       Benchmarking of technological
   T8.4 Design of a federated identity model
   specifically tailored to support the
   coordination of different security forces.
   T8.5 Security and authentication of
   mobile ad-hoc terminals at the network
       Challenge: persistent authentication
       and identity management in a mobile
       environment and become a self-
       organising ad-hoc network where they
       may lose contact with authentication
       and identity management servers.
            UC3M Goals in INDECT (2/2)
WP3: ..Criminal Activity
  1. Monitor Internet traffic by means
  of Deep Packet Inspection
  techniques to identify criminal
      Design of a continuous, automatic
      monitoring tool
      Collect & analyse information
      about users in search of activity
      linked to criminal behaviour
  2. Support Tracking and Recording
  of suspicious flows
      Deal with direct serverless transfer
      of criminal information



University of Wuppertal
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Tibken
University of Wuppertal
Faculty of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering (Dean)
Chair of Automatic Control (Head)
Area of Research
   Image Processing
   Control Theory
   Modelling of Agent Systems
University of Wuppertal
Description of Research Group
   1 Professor
   1 Assistant Professor
   6 PhD Students
   20 Bachelor and Master Students
   3 Staff
   2 N.N. financed by INDECT
   140 scientific publications
   Cooperation with DELPHI, Daimler, Bosch, Vorwerk
   Fast Optimization Algorithms
   Fast Object Recognition Algorithms
   Dynamic Modelling of Agents
Goals in INDECT
 Lead Beneficiary for WP5
    Search Engine for Fast Detection of Persons and Documents Based on
    Watermarking and Agent Technology
 Responsible for Task 5.3
    Enterprise Agent Search Service


Department of Computer Science
           University of York
       Dr Suresh Manandhar
    Artificial Intelligence Research group
                       University of York
 Ranked ~8th in UK
 Ranked ~80th worldwide
                    Dept. Computer Science
 Rated highest 5* in recent Official Rankings
 40 Full Time academics | 100 PhDs | 50 Research Assistants
 Research Groups: Artificial Intelligence, High Integrity Systems,
 Programming Languages, Computer Vision, Neural Nets, Enterprise
 Systems, Quantum and non-standard Computing
                Suresh Manandhar - Leader WP4
Area of Research
• Natural Language Processing/Computational Linguistics
• Machine Learning
Other topics in Artificial Intelligence Research Group
• Constraint Solving
• Multi-agent systems and artificial evolution
• AI for games
Dr Suresh Manandhar has a broad interest in natural language
Currently supervises 10 PhD students.
Research in the following Topics:
  Named-entity recognition
  Question-answering systems
  Word-sense induction and disambiguation
  Dialogue systems
  Computational Logics for NLP
  Computational Semantics
  Grammar formalisms - HPSG, CCG, Lambek Calculus
  Unsupervised learning and minimally supervised learning of NLP
  Grammar Learning
  Speech recognition
                   Goals in Indect
High Level Goals
   Learning of relationships between individuals and organisations
   Search for highly specific information in the Web
   Behavioural profiling of individuals
   Sentiment Analysis
   Detecting Suspicious Websites
Further Information:


  • VSB – Technical University of Ostrava. Czech Republic
Area of research
 Management of telecommunication networks
    Dimensioning and optimization of networks
 Networks using light
    Light beam as a medium for data transfer
    Optical fiber for intelligent networks, optical fiber
 VoIP – Voice over IP
 Security of computer networks
 Electronics, fault tolerant systems
Research group and main interest
 Employees of Department of Telecommunications,
 young people, who finished Ph.D. study
   Dissertation theme - Optimizing of media access
   mechanism in wireless technologies
   2 of us are lecturers of Cisco Academy
   Ph.D. students
 Our main interest is security of networks and
 application of the Internet Protocol version 6


Participant name:
     Technical University of Košice (TUKE)
Participant number:
Responsible person:
     Ľubomír Doboš
  Technical University of Košice
  Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
  Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications
  Laboratory of Multimedia Technologies
Mobile group         Speech group              Security group
Ľubomír Doboš        Jozef Juhár               Dušan Levický
Ján Papaj            Anton Čižmár              Radovan Ridzoň
Matuš Pleva          Stanislav Ondaš
+PhD students        +PhD students             +PhD students
                      2x full professors,
                      2x associate professors,
                      2x assistent professors
                      2x researchers
                      6xPhD students
Laboratory of Multimedia Technologies
Research profile (1)
 Mobile systems and services         (
    Connection admission control models and algorithms for cellular and
    noncellular mobile systems
    Mobile location algorithms for cellular and noncellular mobile
    communication systems
    QoS and security based routing protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc network
 Speech technologies for human-to-computer speech
 communication (
    automatic speech recognition
    text-to-speech synthesis
    stochastic acoustic and language modeling
    acoustic and text corpora for training
    dialogue modeling and management
    natural language processing
Laboratory of Multimedia Technologies
Research profile (2)
  Multimedia Content Security
     Robust digital image watermarking in transformation domain
     Digital watermarking in video
     Digital Image Steganography
   Laboratory of Multimedia Technologies
       Running Research Projects
1.  Pervasive Mobile & Ambient Wireless Communications, COST 2100, 2007-2011
2.  Cross-Modal Analysis of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication, COST 2102, 2007-2011
3.  VOTS2: Voice Operated Telecommunication Systems and Services, AV-4-0006-07, 2007-
4.  ARTAR : Automated analysis, recognition and transcription of audio recordings, AV-4-
    2016-08, 2008-2010
5.  SPEETIS: Speech Technologies for Advanced Telecommunication and Information
    Services in Slovak Language, APVV-0369-07, 2008-2010
6.  Security in Multimedia Communication, VEGA, 2007-2009
TUKE goals in INDECT
TUKE participate in majority WP’s. (Except WP4
  and WP8). More significant participation in:
  WP1: Intelligent Monitoring and Automatic Detection of Threats
  WP2: Identification and Observation of Mobile Objects in Urban
  WP3: Extraction of Information for Crime Prevention
  WP7: Biometrics and Intelligent Methods for Extraction and
  Supplying Security Information


                                                            Company background
• founded in 1992 / private owned Ltd.
• distributor of digital audio and video production tools
• (David, Digidesign, Omneon,...) with more than 3000 customers
• Integrator for more than 30 radio and television stations
• with over 1500 seats of digital production systems
• hundreds of journalist use the tools that we supplied day by day for their
    production of news, features, trailer,......
• European competence center for Autonomy/Virage rich media and data mining
• Our competence is the big understanding of IT based AV workflow processes
    combined with data mining issues
Clients include
•   NSA Romania, Associated Press, France 24,TU Delft, Ministry of Defense Morocco, Red Bull,
    Eduhi,Telekom Austria, IVS - different customers (VideoServiceProvider), ORF –
    austrian public broadcaster, Tchibo,, BKF, Styria – Radio network, ORF – digital tv and radio network,
    BMW - Video Indexing solution, Swisscom – Video indexing solution, EADS – Video Indexing solution,
    BBC, NDR, Krone Hit, UPC, etc.
                                XPS-X-Art Processing Server
• A freely configurable and
  powerful workflow-engine
• A suite of different dockable
  modules needed for
  controlling individual
• Different upload technologies
  allow content providers to
  comfortably supply their
                                                               Live cases!
• Eduhi tv:
• Landtag Kärnten/Tirol:*
• Deutsche Wochenschau:
  • +43-3357-43801


University of Applied Sciences
Fachhochschule Technikum Wien
  > Technology is so exciting.
Fachhochschule Technikum Wien (FHTW)
  University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
  • Founded in 1994
  • Austria‘s first University of Applied
    Sciences implementing the Bachelor-
    /Master system
  • Currently 11 Bachelor and 16 Master
  • About 2000 graduates and 2600
  • Approximately 450 full- and part-time
Degree Programs (Bachelor, Master)
26 Fulltime & parttime programs in the fields:
• Electronics
• Computer science
• Biomedical engineering
• Mechatronics
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Kollmitzer
Vice-rector of the university of applied sciences
Teaching activity: Electronics, Media Technology,
Audio- & Video-technology, Image Processing
Research areas:
   Computer Vision
        Water level measurement with cameras
        Robocup Vision System
   Distance Learning


  Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 
   Automatics, Computer Science
           and Electronics
AGH University of Science and Technology
      Presented by prof. Andrzej R. Pach
        Department of Telecommunications
               The Faculty
• Research in information technologies on 
  very high level
• Attractive educational offer in IT
  Departments involed in INDECT
• Department of Telecommunications
• Department of Computer Science
• Department of Automatics
• Department of Electronics
    Our experience in FP projects
• DAIDALOS and DAIDALOS II (Designing 
  Advanced Network Interfaces for the Delivery 
  and Administration of Location Independent 
  Optimised Personal Services)
  IPs, 6th FP, 2003 – 2006, 2006‐2009
• NOBEL and NOBEL 2 (Next Generation Optical 
  Network for Broadband in Europe)
  IPs, 6th FP, 2003 – 2006, 2006‐2008.
  Our experience in FP projects, cont.
• CARMEN (Carrier Grade Mesh Networks) 
  STREP, 7th FP, 2008‐2010
• SMOTHIT (Simple Economic Management 
  Approaches of Overlay Traffic in 
  Heterogeneous Internet Topologies)
  STREP, 7th FP, 2008‐2010
• NI2S3 (Net‐centric Information & Integration 
  Services for Security Systems)
  STREP 7th FP, 2009‐2010
 Our experience, another example
• MEDUSA (Multi Sensor Data Fusion Grid for 
  Urban Situational Awareness)
  JIF‐FP project supported by the European 
  Defense Agency, 2009‐2010
The scope of the MEDUSA project is the study, 
  development and demonstration of a multi‐sensor 
  data fusion grid to improve  situational awareness 
  and command and control in the context of force 
  protection in the urban environment

List - explain abbreviations[edit]

Project participants:
Participant No. Participant organisation name           Short Name Country
1  AGH – University of Science and Technology           AGH     Poland
2  Apertus                                            APERTUS Hungary
3  Bundeskriminalamt (German Police)                 BKA        Germany
4  University of Applied Science Sankt. Pölten          FH-SP   Austria
5  Gdansk University of Technology                      GUT     Poland
6  InnoTec DATA GmbH & Co. KG                      INNOTEC      Germany
7  IP Grenoble (Ensimag)                               IPNG     France
8  General Headquarters of Police (Polish Police)       GHP     Poland
9  Moviquity                                      MOVIQUITY     Spain
10 Products and Systems of Information Technology       PSI     Germany
11 Police Service of Northern Ireland                   PSNI    United Kingdom
12 Poznan University of Technology                      PUT     Poland
13 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid                     UC3M    Spain
14 Technical University of Sofia                        TUSOFIA Bulgaria
15 University of Wuppertal                              UNIWUP Germany
16 University of York                                   UNIYORK Great Britain
17 Technical University of Ostrava                      VSB     Czech Republic
18 Technical University of Kosice                       TUKE    Slovakia
19 X-Art Pro Division G.m.b.H.                          X-ART   Austria