Virginia reports suspected monkeypox case

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Monday, July 11, 2022

States and territories having reported at least one case of monkeypox, as of July 8, 2022.
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The Virginia Department of Health today reported its 27th suspected case of monkeypox in the US state as part of an ongoing worldwide outbreak.

The patient identified, an adult male in Northwest Virginia, is currently in isolation and Department officials are monitoring his close contacts. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported July 8 of the 8,238 cases recorded in 57 countries, 790 were in the US.

The virus carries with it a particular type of rash, and also fever, headache and muscle aches, exhaustion and the swelling of lymph nodes. Symptoms begin appearing six to fourteen days after first exposure through close contact, and last for between two and four weeks; three deaths have been announced worldwide.

Those at high risk, including men who have sex with men, those who have had close contact with someone that has symptoms or rashes, and those who have traveled to areas with confirmed monkeypox cases, are eligible for two vaccines. The inoculations, available through the national government, act as post-exposure prophylaxis to prevent the disease's transmission.

There is no approved treatment for monkeypox in the US, and treatment is relieving symptoms and supportive care.