West Virginia University regains title as number 1 party school

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WVU Campus.

West Virginia University has once again been named "number 1 party school" by the Princeton Review.

School administrators say they are disappointed, because they have been trying to curb underage drinking and rowdy behavior. The school has made the list seven times in the past 15 years. WVU senior Katie O'Hara says the school keeps making the list because, "No matter what kind of party you want it's here -- bars, fraternities, house parties."

New WVU President Mike Garrison said, "I'm focused on the way this university changes people's lives, the research that we do and the service we provide to the state of West Virginia."

Garrison also pointed out the university finished among the top ten in other categories: No. 4 in Students Pack the Stadiums; No. 5 for Best College Library; No. 6 for Lots of Beer; No. 7 for Lots of Hard Liquor; and No. 8 for Best College Newspaper.

At number two on the party list was the University of Mississippi, followed by the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Florida, the University of Georgia, and Penn State University.

However, Brigham Young University, took the top spot in the "stone cold sober" category for the tenth year in a row.