Wife of adulterous Czech PM joins rival political party

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Friday, August 25, 2006

The wife of the Czech Republic's new prime minister has joined a rival political party after he admitted, last Friday, having a affair with the deputy leader of parliament. Mirek Topolanek, leader of the conservative Civic Democrats (ODS), was appointed prime minister last week. His wife, Pavla Topolankova, has joined the rival right-wing Politika 21 party and intends to run for the Senate under its banner.

"I was surprised but not cross," said Topolanek who called his wife's action "sweet revenge" for his infidelity. Lucie Talmanova, 36, the deputy leader of parliament has admitted the affair with Topolanek who told Czech radio "respectable people don't ask about such things and respectable people don't answer such things. But in 27 years of marriage things can happen."

Topolanek has reportedly instructed his lawyer to begin divorce proceedings against his wife.