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Want a page protected? Please read Wikinews:Protection policy, and then go to Wikinews:Admin action alerts. As noted below, this is only for the non-controversial action of protecting archived pages.
If you've found an article which isn't protected/archived that should have been - as in, created over one month ago - please leave a note at Wikinews:Admin action alerts.

This page, and its' subpages, are used by administrators to quickly and efficiently protect articles which are archived (see Wikinews:Archive conventions for more information).

By exploiting MediaWiki syntax and transclusions, in combination with cascading protection, pages added to the lists on the subpages using the designated template code will be protected from editing, just as a normal full-protection made manually to each individual page would do.

Pages on these lists (see below for the directory of subpages) are added by administrators only, when they are to be archived. The cascading protection takes effect immediately.

If you wish to request an edit to a protected (archived) page, please use {{editprotected}} (see Wikinews:Admin action alerts). If you have any questions or suggestions about this procedure, please leave a comment at either Wikinews talk:Archived articles protection list.

This page will only be used to protect archived pages only. Pages protected for any other reason, as listed at Wikinews:Protection policy, will be done using the manual, non-cascading method.

Directory of lists[edit]