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Breaking News: Iraqi Police Find 14 Tortured Dead Bodies
Fourteen bodies were found by Iraqi Police in Baghdad. According to the Iraqi Interior Ministry, the bodies appeared to have been tortured. Each one had been blind-folded and had their hands tied behind their back. Military officials for the United States said that the killings were in retaliation after aircraft were fired upon from the ground.

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'Kama Sutra' worm set to strike
The 'Kama Sutra' worm is set to strike today. The worm is programmed to activate itself on the third of every month - overwriting or corrupting Microsoft Office Word documents, Microsoft Office Excel spread sheets, and Portable Document Format files. Experts say the worm, also known as "BlackWorm," "CME-24," "Blackmal," "Mywife.E" and "Nyxem", can be avoided simply by having and updated anti-virus program and doing a weekly scan.

Tensions continue to rise in Middle East over "Mohammad Cartoons"
The publishing of a series of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in a Copenhagen newspaper, starting in September 2005, sparked a string of harsh and violent reactions in the Middle East. The controversy recently escalated, with many European companies being boycotted in the Middle East and Hamas members storming the EU office demanding apologies from EU member states.

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  • The IAEA has deferred until Saturday a vote on whether to report Iran to the UN Security Council over concerns its nuclear programs may produce weapons.
  • A strong earthquake registering magnitude 5.9 shakes northeastern Japan.

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