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Columns are regular news features with similar or predictably themed content.

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Columns that are not compatible with NPOV[edit]

The following column types are inherently POV of a single person or viewpoint and are incompatible with the collaborative nature of a wiki project:

  • Opinion or Editorials
  • Film, game, food, theatre or other reviews
  • Blog-type humor, fiction or "slice of life" musings
  • Advice and other Q&A stories where the wiki writer is the authority

Types of columns that are compatible with NPOV[edit]

Not all columns violate the NPOV policy of Wikinews. These are a few examples:

  • A distillation of highlights that is a broad cross section collection of prominent and notable reviews, editorials, or blogs.
  • A regular news feature on a specific topic. Examples would include daily/weekly/monthly wrap-ups, previews, or play-by-plays
  • Lifestyle features such as periodic and regular games or how-to articles.

List of Wikinews columns[edit]

Historical columns[edit]