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Welcome to the Wikinews World News Quiz, giving you a chance to test your knowledge on this week's news.

Last Updated: November 10, 2007


1 Eight people were taken after a shooting at Jokela high school in Finland. How old was the shooter?


2 On Wednesday, November 7, a large rally was held in the capital of Venezuela against President Hugo Chávez. What did the crowd oppose?

Troubled relationships with countries such as the United States
High unemployment rates
Imprisonment of political rivals of the President
Proposed changes to the constitution


Benazir Bhutto (center), speaking to supporters outside her house.
Image: Barry Newhouse, VOA News.
Benazir Bhutto is leading protests against President Musharaf of Pakistan. Who is Benazir Bhutto?
The daughter of a former Shah
A former Prime Minister of Pakistan
A women's rights activist
A former President of Pakistan

4 Which Canadian politician escaped a rocket attack in Afghanistan this week?

The Prime Minister
The Minister of Defence
The Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Governor General


President George W. Bush meets with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the Oval Office on November 5, 2007.
U.S. President Bush promised Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan support after recent clashes with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Where does Iraq border Turkey?
Northeast Turkey
Northwest Turkey
Southeast Turkey
Southwest Turkey

6 A new record has been set for the most days in Belgium without a government. How many days have there been without a government?

Around 100 days
About 150 days
Almost 250 days
Near 300 days


OLPC Nigeria-Galadima primary school-06-2007.jpg
How many laptops from the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project (so-called $100 laptops) did Uruguay order?

8 A weather warning was issued for the U.K.. How many miles per hour were the wind gusts expected to be?



Map of Commonwealth Games locations, which future location is missing?
Which city was announced that they will be hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games?
London, England
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Abuja, Nigeria
Glasgow, Scotland

10 Not only are product being recalled in the U.S. because of lead but also because of...

Products being sold without approval
Design flaws
High risk of being swallowed by toddlers

Need help with these questions?[edit]

Here's a brief overview of some of this week's headlines.

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