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Students develop better writing skills by…

Possible Assignments

  1. Wikinews' synthesis articles requires students to critically read existing new sources to figure out how to frame the material to provide a new perspective that does not involve just restating and copying the source material.
  2. Wikinews's requirement for a neutral point of view requires students to interpret sources and understand the original sources to differentiate between fact and opinion, and then express this difference in their writing by attributing opinions.
  3. Because Wikinews is written for a global diverse, and interested audience, students need to think about how to present their writing so the audience will understand the facts they are trying to convey.
  4. The review process requires students to interact with reviewers, who professionally serve a role similar to copy editor and features editor. This gives them a chance to deal with feeback on content they have written, and improve upon their writing.

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