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Course pages

Wikinews:Education/coreresources/Course pages

Helping students get started

Wikinews:Education/coreresources/Helping students get started

Writing articles

Wikinews:Education/coreresources/Writing articles

Writing assignments

Wikinews:Education/coreresources/Writing assignments

Places for general Wikinews help

For most kinds of help on Wikinews—technical questions; policies and guidelines; etiquette; conflicts with editors; feedback and reviews of your work—the first place your students should turn is the "Discussion" tab of your course page. On the course talk page, you can also see what questions and requests for feedback your class has posted, and you may be able to learn from the answers they got or answer their questions yourself. You and your students have a number of other options as well.

Wikinews:Education/coreresources/General Wikinews help

Other problems

  • If you have conflicts with another editor that you don't want to post about publicly, try talking with any experienced Wikinewsies your class is working with.

Places for help with course-related issues

The main place to go for help with course-specific problems that is the water cooler.

Analyzing student contributions