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The English Wikinews Review Process

Reviewing is the main process on English Wikinews to determine if a article is ready for publication. Reviewing involves members who have been entrusted by the community to uphold certain guidelines when it comes to content on Wikinews. These include:

  1. Copyright: The reviewer should check that the text and images are not copyright infringement.
  2. Newsworthiness: The reviewer should check that the article agrees with our content guide and is newsworthy.
  3. Verifiability: The reviewer should check that all information in the article is fully sourced, (using multiple independent sources is strongly encouraged) or has adequate Original Reporting notes.
  4. NPOV: The reviewer should check that all information in the article is written in a neutral and unbiased manner, with no editorial commentary/advocacy or unsourced opinion.
  5. Style: The reviewer should check that all information in the article complies with our style guide (on dateline, grammar and spelling, "inverted pyramid" structure, tone, wikilinks, categories, headline... etc.)

When disagreements occur between the reviewer and the reporter, they need to be resolved as quickly as possible—usually on the relevant Talk page. Since Wikinews articles have a limited time period where they are eligible for publication, prolonged discussions or the parties not engaging each other on the talk page will likely result in the article never being published. Clear and quick communication with both parties have the goal of getting an article to meet publishing guidelines is the best practice.

Wikipedia style consensus is used on English Wikinews for process that do not relate to decisions regarding the content to publish. Most students will not need to engage the project in this way.

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