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Cultural institutions, specifically the traditional Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, are a group that could benefit from engaging with Wikinews and its reporters. The reporting on Wikinews is neutral, and fact based. Unlike other Wikimedia Foundation projects, it allows original content, known on projects as original reporting. Several Wikinews projects, including English and Spanish, have their stories feed out to Google News; this improves article visibility and views. Articles can get decent views, with a few interviews outperforming Wikipedia articles about the subject of the internet. In English Wikinews, an article can get comparable views to appearing on the front page of English Wikipedia as Did You Know. Wikinews article publishing often involves improvement on relevant Wikipedia articles and, for original reporting, images being uploaded to Commons for use on all WMF projects.

Background information
Current GLAM relationships

How GLAMs can work with Wikinews[edit]

If you are a connected to a GLAM or a Wikimedian generally looking to support GLAM work, there are a couple of ways Wikinews and a GLAM can work together.


Training sessions are a great way to share news related to a GLAM. Basic article writing and the review process can be discussed, with contributors writing an article for submission by the time training is complete.

  • Contact a Wikinews project and ask if there are any local Wikinews contributors who could organize an in person Wikinews workshop.
  • Contact a Wikinews project and ask if anyone is available to organize a virtual Wikinews workshop.
  • When doing other GLAM related project work on Wikimedia projects, consider including a Wikinews component.
Wikinews reporter event access

If you are connected to a GLAM and there is a media event, consider dropping a message on a relevant language Wikinews Village Pump/Water Cooler and invite local Wikinews reporters to show up. Some Wikinews projects, including English and Spanish, feed out to Google News, which makes finding any content produced by reporters at the event more likely to be found by people searching for news about that event. Wikinews reporters often take pictures as part of original reporting and upload pictures to Wikimedia Commons for use on other Wikimedia projects. A number of Wikinews reporters will also update relevant Wikipedia articles related to their Wikinews reporting.

  • Drop a message on a relevant language Wikinews Village Pump/Water Cooler and invite local reporters to an event that you would like news coverage for.
  • When doing other GLAM related project work on Wikimedia projects, consider including a Wikinews component or invite a Wikinews reporter to cover that other GLAM related work.
Article writing

If there is news in your GLAM's area of interest, consider writing an article about it. Often people connected to GLAMs have access to potential interview subjects related to news stories. There is also the possibility that people may have access to events that are newsworthy and worth writing about that the general public does not. The key to remember with article writing is all writing guidelines should be followed, potential Conflicts of Interest should be discussed on the article talk page or your user page, and submitted articles are not and should not be treated like press releases.

  • Write and submit interviews for review.
  • Write and submit photo essays for review.
  • Write and submit original reporting.
  • Write and submit synthesis articles.
Subject experts

GLAMs often have subject specialists. Consider making a list of them related to their area of expertise that a local project can use for any reporting they may want to do on a subject. This benefits Wikinews because it enhances our ability to do original reporting. It makes the GLAM look good by having a person affiliated with the GLAM quoted by the media.

  • Develop a list of experts Wikinews reporters can contact for stories they may write in certain areas.
  • If there is news, request a Wikinews reporter interview a specific person in affiliated with the GLAM.