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A GLAM relationship exists with the Comité Paralímpico Español and a Wikinews contributor, Laura Hale, who is serving as a Wikipedian in residence. The purpose of this residency is to engage the Spanish Paralympic community by showing how they can contribute to Wikipedia and Wikinews projects, and to Commons. One of the benefits of this relationship is it provides opportunities, through inside contacts, to cover sporting events for Wikinews and build on the success of the Australian efforts.


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Spanish Paralympic medalists[edit]

On Simple English Wikipedia, a number of stub articles were created about Spanish Paralympic medalists. This material could then easily be translated to English Wikipedia, Spanish Wikipedia and other language Wikipedias. At the moment, about 1/2 the articles about medalists have been created at Simple English Wikipedia.

Aragonese, Galacian, Basque, Occidental, Asturian, Extramedura Wikipedia projects were contacted and people were asked to assist in translating articles about Spanish Paralympians from specific regions of Spain on those Wikipedia projects. Some of this content already existed, with Basque Wikipedia having an article about Jon Santacana, and Aragonese Wikipedia having an article about Teresa Perales.

The articles about Basque were created and interest was expressed in creating articles about Aragonese Paralympians.

IPC Athletics World Championship[edit]

The Comité Paralímpico Español provided a list of competitors at the 2013 IPC Athletics World Championship in Lyon, France. Articles were created on English and Simple English Wikipedia where athletes were notable. (Not all were. Only 15 of the 27 competitors clearly met notability guidelines.) Following this, requests were made on Spanish, Catalan, Aragonese, Galacian and Basque to translate, update or create articles about competitors locally. At least three of these articles became DYKs on English Wikipedia.

Some of the Paralympians have been contacted on Twitter to let them know about the existence of articles about them in multiple languages. Two Paralympians responded to these, one who said something like awesome and another who retweeted.

The article creation work for this event was done primarily as a way to prepare for potential interviews for Wikinews. The interviews are intended to be published on English and Spanish Wikinews. Four total were conducted prior to the team's departure for Lyon, France. 11 pictures were taken.

IPC Alpine World Championship[edit]

This event was a case study towards justifying the creation of a Wikimedian in Residence.

In late February 2013, with assistance from the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE), an English and Spanish Wikinews reporter attended the IPC Alpine Ski World Championships. The CPE provided a list in advance of Spanish skiers competing and facilitated getting media accreditation. They also provided some print source materials for reference use. Wikinews related accomplishments as a result of this GLAM assistance include:

  • Two interviews conducted for English Wikinews, including one with a high profile Spanish personality who participates in the sport.
  • IPC Alpine engaging reporters on Twitter.
  • Over 13,000 views of Wikinews articles covering the event.
  • Experience gained on English and Spainish Wikinews for doing bilingual interviews by a member of the Spanish speaking community.
  • Produced more Wikinews and Wikipedia content, and shared more pictures than traditional media, which excludes Olympic specific news sites and NPCs.
  • Wikinews coverage of some skiers was the only media coverage they received during and for their participation in the competition. Examples include Ralph Green and Christopher Devlin-Young of the United States, Mitchell Gourley of Australia, Corey Peters of New Zealand, and Laura Valeanu of Romania.
  • 20 English Wikinews articles published about the 2013 IPC Alpine World Championships.
  • 3 Spanish Wikinews articles published.
  • 1 article translated into Russian for Russian Wikinews.
  • 101 para-alpine skiers photographed with their pictures uploaded to Commons. Average skier has 5.8 pictures of them.

Based on daily articles published with data current for 28-Feb, interest in a news article peaks on the first day an article is published. Unlike most new sources though, English Wikinews maintains article traffic at a higher level than more traditional media. Daily average views for the IPC Alpine World Championships on English Wikinews was comparable to daily views on English Wikinews during the London Paralympics and IPC Nor-Am Cup for similar coverage. 16 articles were published on English Wikinews and 3 were published on Spanish Wikinews in this period. Spanish Wikinews articles were published on 20-Feb, 22-Feb and 27-Feb. English Wikinews stories were published on 16 (1), 20 (3), 21 (2), 22 (1), 24 (3), 25 (3), 26 (3), 28 (1) of February and 1 (3) March. There were 13,756 views for event coverage on Wikinews between between 16 and 28 Feb.