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This page is no longer current and/or valid. It is kept for historical record or interest. Do not assume content on this page is still technically correct.

  • This page has been superseded by: → common sense, decency, and tea.

In the spirit of Wikinews:Admin action alerts, this page is intended for "alerts" with regard to mediation requests. It is done in order to remove the "admin action" aspect of personal disputes on Wikinews. Here, you can request help as you would on WN:ALERT for harassment, bickering, and so on. These things generally do not require administrator intervention.

Note that, in the general case, it takes two to tango. Using this page does not remove your responsibility from any disputes, nor does it make you innocent of any inflamitory or aggressive comments. Usage of this page is a general admission of failed self-mediation.

This tool is not a weapon, and it is not an ultimate power. Your participation in a calm, reasonable, respectful manner is absolutely required for this to work.

Don't forget to have a nice cuppa tea when things get stressful.

Users seeking help[edit]

To add your name here automatically, use the {{User:Ironiridis/MediationHelp|DISPUTEDUSER}}
template on your user page or talk page, replacing
"DISPUTEDUSER" with the user with which you're having difficulty.

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Harassment, Wikistalking, small-scale disruption, personal attacks[edit]

NPOV or Factuality disputes[edit]

Ongoing argument or confrontation[edit]