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You are probably looking for WN:PHOTOESSAY

This is a proposed idea. You can choose to support it. If it is supported by many, and has wide community support, it may become a real feature of Wikinews. Please comment on the discussion page of the idea on any changes you would like to make, or just edit the page directly.

Please also coordinate with meta:Scheduled attendance for Wikinews or Commons and meta:Press corps

Photojournalism is the act of having someone in the field to get photos of events as they happen. Obviously, as Wikinews is a small community - we cannot have news crews and photographers everywhere. Instead - what I propose is that those of us who can (i.e. have access to a camera) become voluntary photojournalists for Wikinews.

Proposed Structure[edit]

  • Users will sign up and name their locations
  • Other users will post upcoming events (or even breaking events in the very local area of a photojournalist)
  • Photojournalists will sign on to cover the event
  • After the event, the photographs are pooled and the best used in an article about the event.

To Come...[edit]

This still has a lot of work to be done. We need to develop strong ties with the community in order to get the events posted so we can sign on to them - and we will need methods of obtaining upcoming events. Please make any and all comments on the talk page.


Please sign this section with a triple tilde ~~~ and your location / availability in order to register your interest in this idea. This is *not* yet signing up to become a photojournalist - just a good idea of coverage and availability.